NASA recently managed to land a rover named Perseverance on Mars, the rover joins several other that’s craft already there on the mission to explore and survey Mars, with humans hopefully colonising it one day.

However, the controversial climate activist Greta Thunberg has already started speaking against the mission, indirectly saying humanity’s focus should be on Earth and improving its climatic conditions. She and her foundation Fridays For Future, or FFF, released a somewhat satirical video demanding the attention of the people to be redirected back to Earth.

A voiceover in the video says that after more than five million years of human existence on Earth, it was time for a change. It further said that Mars, 56 million square miles of untouched land, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible views, Mars, an untainted planet, a new world where we can begin again, Mars offers the ultimate freedom. The video ad talks of a place where there is no war, no criminality, no pandemics, and no pollution. The voiceover said that for the 99 percent who will stay on Earth, they’d better fix climate change. In fact, an FFF spokesperson said to media that they wanted to highlight pure nonsense.

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The video released by the FFF titled ‘One Percent’ says that Mars is being scanned for the richest 1% so they may escape living on it when life on Earth becomes unbearable. The satirical element of the video presents it as a tourism advertisement for the rich to come to Mars.

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