You must have heard of the raids where cash and jewellery worth crores was confiscated by Income Tax (I-T) officials and since demonetisation such raids have been a more common sight than before. But have you heard of the fearless or sometimes filmy ways I-T officials implement to unearth the unaccounted wealth? Income Tax Department on Thursday launched massive raids at the residences of relatives of jailed AIADMK leader VK Sasikala and her nephew TTV Dinakaran, and the way how I-T personnel conducted them will blow your mind.

Early Thursday morning, I-T department in Tamil Nadu organised a ploy never heard in the history before. They hired commercial vehicles and embellished them with glitters and all the confetti around it. There were stickers of ‘Srini Weds Mahi’ on each vehicle of the huge cavalcade. All the I-T officials were dressed as baraatis in their traditional dresses. Some were in kurtas, some in suits while women officials wore sarees and lehengas.

The fake marriage party then moved from one location to another avoiding any suspicion. They were just cheerful baraatis on the road who were actually raiding several residences belonging to the relatives of Sasikala and Dinakaran. According to reports, at least 187 residences were raided and a massive unaccounted fortune was confiscated from these places. The stealth attack by the Income Tax department was one of a kind in the history of income tax raids.

Usually, Bollywood gets inspired by the real-life events and make movies on them which turns out to be fun and entertaining. But when the real-life entities are inspired by Bollywood, the outcome turns out be gobsmackingly fatal for the receiver.