Tuesday, August 9, 2022

#WhereIsMyVaccine Vaccination for 18+? Several states plead for vaccine doses

Shortage of vaccine doses has further worsened India’s catastrophic Covid-19 crisis. While the nation had planned a huge vaccination drive starting today, the system seems to be falling apart as states do not have vaccine doses to begin vaccination for all adults and India’s very own Serum Institute of India (SII), which has to deliver most of these doses is not even giving a clear figure on the number of vaccine doses produced.

India was scheduled to embark its ambitious journey to expand its vaccination drive against Coronavirus today, however, a total of 15 states and 1 union territory have expressed that they cannot start inoculating adults below the age of 45 as they do not have the required stock.

With deluge of Covid-19 cases, the system has not completely failed but it has gone quiet. Frontline workers in India, especially Healthcare workers are working relentlessly to save the lives of people but shortage of resources has hit their efforts too.

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The logistical meltdown has impacted India’s war effort against Coronavirus the most. For example, free interstate movement of vehicles carrying Oxygen could not be ensured and that led to people dying in single instances as Oxygen couldn’t reach them timely.

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