Meena Harris, the niece of US Vice President Kamal Harris has been using her renowned aunt’s fame to help boost herself into the relevance and, as the White House said, launch her own personal brand. She has been giving her opinion about the actions and happenings in other countries. But the White House has now intervened and demanded that she stop trading upon her aunt’s illustrious name.

Earlier, her actions were mostly ignored by the Democrats and her aunt but now that Kamala Harris is Vice President, they have decided to put a stop to it, lest she says something exceptionally uncontroversial in the name of her aunt. The morality of using an esteemed relative’s name for one’s own purposes also lands on the bad side of the fence. As such, The officials from White House state that her deeds go against the ethics rules of the US government.

Aside from her posts on social media, Meena has also published children’s picture books that mainly entail her aunt and also has some torsos that say ‘Vice President Aunty’. Adding to her list of infractions, she even flew on a private plane to President Joe Biden’s induction ceremony with one of his donors.

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