The ongoing investigations into the Delhi’s Burari mass suicide mystery recently pointed toward another strange possibility that a man’s hallucinations have led to the horrifying deaths. Reports said that it could be Lalit Bhatia (45), one of the 11 deceased and youngest son of Narayan Devi, who orchestrated the mass suicide and made those handwritten notes planning the deaths. The police revealed that after Lalit has stopped talking after his father’s death. His father, Bhopal Singh was an ex-serviceman and died a natural death around 10 years ago. His father’s death had gravely affected him. He was hurt to such an extent that he had stopped talking to anybody. However, a few years ago, he started talking again and revealed that his dead father visits him in his dreams.

The police said that the handwritten notes go back to 2015 and from last a few days there was no entry in the diary. Every entry in the diary was starting with Shree. The police said that Lalit Bhatia was reportedly maintaining the diary to list down the steps to attain salvation. In the beginning, Lalit’s mother Narayan Devi tried to make her son stay away from the practices, however, she later joined him. The investigation also indicated that at some point in time the entire family tried to organise a meeting with Lalit’s late father. 

During an investigation that took place on Monday, July 2, the police found 11 pipes near the entrance of the house, which also pointed towards the occult angle to the story. While four of the pipes were straight, seven of them were lying on the ground. Also, on the spot, the bodies of the deceased were found in the structure of a Banyan tree. The post-mortem report also pointed out that the death was caused due to ligature hanging and no signs of struggle were seen.   The bodies of the deceased were cremated at around 5pm on Monday. 


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