Ram Jethmalani was one of the most distinguished lawyer and politician of India. He was the highest-paid lawyer in the supreme court. Jethmalani was known for his high profile and controversial cases. Ram Bhoolchand Jethmalani served as the chairman of Bar Council of India which is the highest positions in Bar Council. He also served as the Union Law Minister under BJP government.

Ram Jethmalani passed away at the age of 95, so many politicians showed their condolences on the death of such an eminent politician and lawyer. His son Mahesh Bhoolchand Jethmalani confirmed that he will be cremated at  Lodi Road cremation. Possibly he will be joined by many esteemed leaders and lawyers of India. 

Ram Jethmalani born in a part Pakistan before partition and completed his degree of LLB at the age 17. He started his practice in his hometown but due to patrician he left his home and came to Mumbai as a refugee. Ram Jethmalani married Durga Jethmalani, later he married to Ratna Jethmalani. He had four children two sons and two daughters out of which Rani Jethmalani and Mahesh Jethmalani also served as successful lawyers. The veteran lawyer took retirement on September 10, 2017, from the judicial profession.

Ram Jethmalani had a great political career as well, during the rule of BJP, under Atal Bihari Vajpayee he was elected in the parliament for sixth and seventh Lok Sabha. During that time period, the former lawyer served as Union Law Minister and Urban Development minister. He elected from Lucknow and Rajsthan constituencies from the upper house of the parliament. BJP had huge trust in him and it had been said that he was close to former prime minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee.

He was also the recipient of the post of president of Supreme Court Bar Association.  Apart from the political and National law career he served as the president of colleges, he had joined the federations, made lectures as a professor. Not only in India he reached worldwide and known for his crisp and prominent lectures. He was best known for his teachings in comparative law.

He was known for his bold actions and stands,  he made anti-party comments against BJP in 2013 for not raising voice on required issues. He took all the cases as per his comfort he had never accused of bribe or wrong cases.  After 95 years of a long journey, we lost one of the finest lawyers of India. 

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