Google Knowledge Graph has called Nathuram Godse an advocate but as per Google search, the RSS sympathizer assassinated Mahatma Gandhi and propagated right-wing ideology in India. The Google surf too counts him as a killer of Mahatma Gandhi.

Google usually picks up the noun thing in the sentence which actually has happened with the advocate thing of Godse’s name who as per Google search counts as a killer of father of the nation.

Both Gandhi and Godse represented two contrasting ideas of politics and religion. As far as former is concerned, he believed in Ahimsa, non-violence. However, when it comes to latter,  politics was about harnessing the power to drive fear into opponents and inflict manifold losses on rivals by hook or by crook. He was also of the view that Gandhi supported India Muslims during the partition era. 

Born in the Bombay-Pune area, Godse’s parents had three children, all of whom died. His parents brought him up as a girl until they had another son. His parents had his nose pierced, and made him wear the nose ring for religious reasons.

Firstly, Godse joined RSS but left it as he did not find it extremist enough and entered the Hindu Mahasabha. 

Later, he started a newspaper named as Agrani for the Hindu Mahasabha which argued against and opposed Gandhi because he was perceived to be emasculating Hindus, turning them effeminate.

After killing Gandhi, Godse was arrested and subsequently sentenced to death. He was hanged on November 15, 1949, only after seven days of his sentence. 

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