Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again done something out of the box as always, this time he hasn’t addressed the nation to highlight an issue, but took a new initiative of getting featured on a popular show. As already the talks have been making the rounds since he shot for an exclusive episode of the most-popular survival show Man vs Wild in the Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand with the everyone’s favorite host, Bear Grylls.

Recently, the team of Man vs Wild, along with their host, Bear Grylls landed in India to shoot a special sequence on the wildlife conservation featuring the world-leading leader and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We have seen PM Modi always doing everything possible to make the country grow by managing everything equally.

Between all this, one thing everyone was wondering, why Man vs Wild and not any other show PM Modi chose? BJP leader was featured on the show to look at the wildlife closely and to promote the wildlife conservation in the country, for which there cannot be any other show better than the Man vs Wild and we all agree to the fact as the show touches the reality and how can be the survival in the wildlife.

Man vs Wild is a survival television series in which the real survivor hero, Bear Grylls goes on a survival trip in its every episode. Grylls shows the world how you can survive in the wildlife even in the toughest situations. He tells about the methods which can help you with the survival in a forest.

The special episode of the popular television series featuring Prime Minister Modi will be aired tonight at 9 pm IST on the Discovery channel. Everyone awaits to watch PM Modi that how he managed to survive in the wildlife without any resources.


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