In a classic case of the underlying misogyny revealing itself, former TDP minister Chintakalya Ayyanna Patrudu who held various portfolios during the regime of the previous Chandra Babu Naidu government was seen using highly objectionable language while trying to warn Narsipatnam Municipality Commissioner K.Krishnaveni. Irked by the displacement of his grandfather’s portrait in one of the offices, the former minister resorted to such abusive words.

In the video, which caught the eye of social media soon after the speech was delivered by this leader who very evidently needs to work on his mindset concerning women, he says ,’ Just because it is a woman we are respecting her. Had it been a man we would’ve shown what would’ve happened. Even now, if she goes against the word she has given us, we will go to the extent of stripping HER CLOTHES if needed. We will have to go to any extent to save justice and ourselves ‘.

Speaking about the incident, AP Women’s Commission chairperson, Vasiredsy Padma questioned the mindset of the leaders backing these statements, she said ‘ What is the point of young leaders coming into the system if the mindset concerning women continues to be the same? Even a young and educated leader like Lokesh is seen supporting this leader after the statements he made. When and how do we plan to change things in this society if elected representatives continue to speak this way about women?’ .

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Post the video going viral, the former minister was booked under the Nirbhaya act by the local police upon receiving a complaint from the victim. Having said that, the bigger question however is, why a party like TDP and a leader like Chandra Babu Naidu who boasts of 4 decades in politics and had claimed to be the Messiah for women’s rights apart from introducing many so called women-centric schemes find the need to write to the state DGP supporting a leader like this despite video evidence rather than acting against the leader who still continues to be an integral part of the TDP’s establishment.

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