Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Winter session of parliament to be held in new parliament building: Harpreet Singh Puri

Union Minister Harpreet Singh Puri makes a big announcement saying ‘winter session of parliament to be held in new parliament building’.

According to sources, the Central Vista Redevelopment Project will be completed before the winter session of Parliament. The interior and a few other components of the structure have already begun, and there are no plans to extend the project’s completion date beyond October 2022.

The Lok Sabha chamber will have 888 seats and the Rajya Sabha chamber will have 384 seats in the new structure. It would not feature a central hall, unlike the current parliament building, and the Lok Sabha chamber will be able to accommodate 1272 members in a combined session.

The building will have a built area of 20866 m2 (including a 2000 m2 open-sky area for a banyan tree), which is 10% less than the existing old circular building, which has a built area of 22,900 m2 (diameter 170.7 m) including an open sky area of 6060 m2 or 1.5 acres, divided into three half-acre sectors.

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