A 25-year old woman has filed a petition in the Kerala High Court seeking nullification of her marriage claiming that she was a victim of forceful conversion, fraudulent marriage and attempt to sexual slavery. In her plea filed in the court, she alleged that a Muslim man named Muhammed Riyaz married her without her consent and subjected her to physical and mental assault. The woman also alleged in her petition that she was blackmailed with a private video forcing religious conversion and forceful marriage.

The girl who is a native of Kerala but was born and brought up in Gujarat, met Riyaz while studying in Bengaluru. The two got into a relationship and Riyaz managed to shoot a private video of the couple together which he later used as a weapon to threaten the woman. Riyaz then married her forcing her to convert to Islam. As per the plea, Riyaz’s mother also used to harass the woman regularly and forced her to go through religious classes and radical speeches of Islamic preacher Zakir Nayak.

The Petition also states that she was taken to Saudi Arabia and was forced to act as a sex slave to Riyaz. She was later threatened to be taken to Syria the IS territory but somehow the woman managed to contact her parents and escaped. The woman alleged that her passport name was changed to Aisha and she was taken to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. After managing to contact her parents, the woman returned to Gujarat in October.

Earlier, she had returned back to her parents’ home in Gujarat after marriage, Riyaz then got her back by filing a writ petition in the court as the woman agreed to go back in the court. However, the woman claims she agreed only because she was blackmailed.

She has approached the Kerala High Court seeking nullification of the ‘illegal’ marriage, also demanding an NIA investigation in such anti-national activities. Her lawyer has alleged that accused Riyaz is also a member of the PFI. The court will consider the petition on November 13.