Thursday, September 29, 2022

Panelist speak on Women Empowerment | #WeWomenWant

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Madan Mohit Bhardwaj, Dr Anshu Gupta, and Ritu Rani attended the panel discussion on their trailblazing journey in the first edition of the We Women Want and Shakti award conclave hosted by ITV Network. Ritu Rani, the former captain of the Indian Women Hockey Team, elucidated how her brother played a pivotal role in inspiring her to play hockey in the first place, and how bad the condition for the players are, as players need to play on turf and all they get is grass to play which is a struggle in itself. And she even acknowledged the support of her parents as without their support players especially females find it difficult to even reach the playground.

She further added that it took the team 36 years to qualify for the Olympics, and she was fortunate that it happened twice under her captainship.

She also added that there has been a change in the games pertaining to females as before there was not even a live broadcast of the games, that now they are getting.

Dr Anshu Gupta, Managing Director of Sarvodaya Healthcare & Foundation, said that even though she believes that with age role models change, her parents have been constant sources of inspiration as they have given her the ethics and morals to move forward in life.

She also talked about the importance of working with an NGO and it is crucial for everyone to at least get engaged once with an NGO in their lives as it is important to give back to society.

SheWings co-founder Madan Mohit Bhardwaj illuminated some light on how under the umbrella of SheWings, he started many campaigns to generate awareness for both men and women on periods as a taboo. Bhardwaj also added how crucial it is for men to understand the struggle which entails periods and it shouldn’t be treated as a taboo to them.

Bhardwaj even congratulated ITV Network for its network built to support women on the ground and not just by sitting in the office. He further spoke about how the idea of SheWings took birth.

Dr Gupta also added it is pertinent to make our daughters competent so that the crusade of women empowerment is no longer needed.

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