China is feeling the heat and pressure over probe into the origins of the COVID-19. Experts speculate a link between Wuhan laboratory and Chinese military amid the scrutiny of the theory that the COVID-19 pandemic emerged from the Wuhan lab.

The WIV Chinese laboratory is misleading the world by listing members of the Chinese military on its oversight committees and mentioning international scientists without their knowledge, according to an investigation. 14 international members listed on WIV website have never been consulted along with the inclusion of scientists who have never worked on virology in list. Scientists listed on WIV website as part of committees say that neither they ever visited WIV nor they have been contacted by WIV.

Fabrizio Gatti, an Italian author, said the Wuhan Institute of Virology deleted all of the names from its website last year after he contacted the scientists to ask them about their roles.In his book ‘The Infinite Error’ he reveals untold secrets of pandemic by the Chinese that could have been avoid. Heidentified two Chinese military scientists on the committee lists, saying their presence fuelled suspicion that the laboratory was being used by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army before the pandemic struck. He also sheds light on timeline of pandemic untold by official sources and traces the journey of the virus: from bats to laboratories.

Chinese military advisers being part of key oversight committees of WIV evidence towards the active role of Chinese military in WIV. It has been reported that secret military experiments were carried out at WIV. It turns up that Beijing knew about bats being isolated in military laboratories of Chinese army and warned of potential threat of virus from bats. Sources indicate that live bat coronaviruses procured by PLA were kept alive in labs.

Above mentioned points, direct towards the fact that there is a link between WIV – Chinese lab and the PLA – Chinese Military.