On the occasion of World Youth Day 2021 Mr. Sameep Shastri, Vice Chairman BRICS CCI and President, BRICS CCI Young Leaders said that, “We should celebrate the voices and action of youth that has helped us to overcome this pandemic. As it is said that change in society can only be achieved by empowering youth, and the continues efforts by various stakeholders in empowering youth had materialised during the pandemic which was evident from the countless numbers of stories across the globe of youth who have put society before self. Youth has played a crucial role in adopting the change in society which was caused due to pandemic and in future will also play a crucial role in returning back to normal.”

He also highlighted the fact that even through the pandemic, nothing could stop BRICS CCI Young Leaders from achieving its objectives. He said, “The forum organised various events in online mode and provided numerous opportunities to its member and youth participants. The program has made successful efforts to achieve its objectives of empowering, engage and enrich the youth, and will continue to achieve them in future with unique events and initiatives.”

In conclusion he enumerated that how this technologically advanced young generation has developed new technologies which has not just only led to development of the society but has also affected each and every individual in a positive very positive manner. He stated that, “The young generation will play a vital role in development of new technologies by leveraging the AI, machine learning and robotics which will solve global problems and make this world a better place to live for future generations.”