‘NATO need to know who its enemies are’, says Macron; Is he hinting at China?

11 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

picture of Emmanuel Macron World

French President Emmanuel Macron states that NATO should work out a strategy for Russia and that China shouldn't be the priority. NATO allies are expected to meet for a summit in Brussels next week.

Nearly a year after stating the trans-Atlantic alliance as “brain dead”, French President Emmanuel Macron says that NATO still needs to have clarity regarding its strategic priorities. “We need to know who our enemies are and where,” Macron told a news conference. He added that NATO should work out a strategy regarding Russia and that China should not be the alliance’s priority.

He prioritises on a Russia strategy that is “demanding, intractable even, when Russia launches incursions, cyber attacks or intimidates, but which also makes it possible to take into account the geography of Europe.” It is expected that NATO allies will meet for a summit in Brussels next week.

Report says that a $20 billion plan will give NATO more flexibility in facing challenges like the rise of China and climate change. France resisted this move.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg suggested in the month of February that allies should put more money directly into existing, despite small common budgets. This can be considered as a response to the long-term tension existing with the United States. This further adds that the European allies have not contributed enough in their own defense.