Thursday, November 30, 2023

Naxalism Curse to Humanity, Centre Committed To Rooting Out Left Wing Extremism: Amit Shah

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah has labelled Naxalism and Left Wing Extremism as a “curse on humanity.” He expressed the Union government’s unwavering commitment, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to eradicate Left-wing Extremism in all its forms and manifestations. Shah shared these sentiments on ‘X’ just hours before presiding over a review meeting on Left-wing Extremism (LWE) in the national capital.

In his statement, Shah emphasized the determination to eliminate Naxalism in all its variations and expressed anticipation for the Review Meeting on Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in New Delhi. This meeting seeks to further the government’s efforts to fulfil Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a nation free from LWE.

Scheduled to commence at approximately 10.30 am, the meeting is expected to be attended by chief ministers, home ministers, or their representatives from Bihar, Odisha, Maharashtra, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, and Kerala, all of which are states grappling with Left Wing Extremism (LWE).

The meeting will also see the participation of the Union Home Secretary, senior officials from Central Armed Police Forces, and numerous senior officers from both central and state governments. This review meeting, held at regular intervals, aims to uphold the central government’s commitment to the development of Naxal-affected states and the eventual elimination of LWE across the nation.

Recent years have witnessed substantial progress in this direction, thanks to the joint efforts of the Center and the states in curbing Left Wing Extremism, leading to a notable reduction in Naxal-related incidents. Nevertheless, the central government firmly believes that unless the nation completely eradicates the problem of Left Wing Extremism, the affected states cannot unlock their full potential.

Left-wing extremism has posed a significant security challenge for decades. While primarily a state-level issue, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has implemented a ‘National Policy and Action Plan’ since 2015 to comprehensively address the LWE menace. This policy, characterized by a zero-tolerance approach to violence and a strong emphasis on development initiatives, aims to ensure that the benefits of development reach the impoverished and vulnerable in affected areas.

As part of this policy, the Ministry of Home Affairs supports state governments in capacity building and security apparatus strengthening through the deployment of CAPF Battalions, provision of helicopters and UAVs, and the establishment of India Reserve Battalions (IRBs) and Special India Reserve Battalions (SIRBs). Financial support is also extended through schemes such as the Modernization of Police Force (MPF), Security Related Expenditure (SRE) Scheme, and Special Infrastructure Scheme (SIS) for police modernization and training.

To foster development in states affected by Left-wing Extremism, the Indian government has undertaken various initiatives, including the approval of 17,600 kilometres of roads. Furthermore, efforts to enhance telecom connectivity involve the installation of new mobile towers in LWE-affected districts. Initiatives for financial inclusion encompass the establishment of post offices, bank branches, ATMs, and banking correspondents.

Special attention is also directed towards establishing Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS). The fight against the Left Wing Extremism menace is currently at a critical juncture, and the government remains optimistic about reducing the threat to insignificance as soon as possible.

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