Thursday, November 30, 2023

Nearly 500 ex-Afghan officials have been killed or kidnapped by the Taliban, recent findings states

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After capturing control in Afghanistan, the Taliban assassinated or kidnapped around 500 former Afghan politicians, military personnel, and individuals suspected of collaborating with the US.

Despite the fact that the Taliban took over Afghanistan last August amid a complete withdrawal of US troops, a New York Times investigation found that about 500 former state officials and military personnel were either murdered or forcibly disappeared within six months of the Taliban’s resurgence.

According to the investigation, there has been confirmed 86 murders in Baghlan Province alone, with 114 persons missing in Kandahar Province.

Further adding, the reports state that, the Taliban are using the amnesty as a trap to entice soldiers out of hiding.”

However, Taliban officials, have refuted the charges, claiming that they are unfounded and that they are being used as a propaganda tool by their opponents “in order to distort the world’s opinion” about the Taliban.

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