Saturday, December 9, 2023

“Need to Destroy Hamas”, Says Consul General of Israel to South India

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The Consul General of Israel to South India, Tammy Ben-Haim, emphasized on Wednesday that Israel’s primary objective is to bring an end to the ongoing situation with Hamas and ensure that the terrorist organization does not pose a future threat.

“In the present moment, our foremost priority is to halt the current wave of terror. We must ensure not only that it ceases, but also that we secure the release of our hostages and dismantle Hamas to the extent that they will never contemplate attacking Israel again,” she asserted during an exclusive interview with ANI.

Consul General Ben-Haim provided insights into the current situation in Israel, highlighting that Hamas is targeting various cities within the country with rockets and mortars.

She explained, “The Israeli Army and IDF have established control over areas near the Gaza Strip. We are engaged in an ongoing effort to fully safeguard our nation, its citizens, and all those residing in Israel. Just this morning, two terrorists were discovered within Israeli territory and were neutralized. Meanwhile, Hamas continues its bombardment of Israel, reaching not only southern Israel but also central Israel and the city of Tel Aviv with rockets and mortars.”

She added, “We are in a state of full-fledged war against Hamas, a terrorist organization. Our aim is to put an end to this dreadful, heinous, and inhumane attack.”

Consul Ben-Haim emphasized that Hamas’ primary goal is to harm Jews and Israelis, pointing out that the group employs civilian buildings and schools as cover for their commanders and weaponry.

She stated, “This is not the first time we’ve observed it, as we have consistently argued. Hamas, these terrorists, infiltrate civilian areas. Their objective is, as we have stated and witnessed, unmistakable. They seek to harm and kill Jewish and Israeli individuals, regardless of age, gender, or background.”

Moreover, she continued, “Infants, children, women, the elderly, even Holocaust survivors – they show no discrimination in their intent to kill and inflict harm. They hide behind their own citizens, individuals they do not assist or invest in, and employ hospitals to store weapons, along with children’s kindergartens and schools to conceal their commanders and weapon caches.”

Regarding the safety of Israelis and other residents in Israel, Consul Ben-Haim assured that the nation is well-prepared for such situations, considering that Israel has faced attacks for years.

“We have endured wars and terror attacks for many years. Virtually every house and apartment building in Israel has a designated shelter or bomb shelter room. When rockets are launched by the Hamas terror organization into Israel, we receive alerts on our mobile phones, radio, TV, and the internet, directing us to take cover for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. These instructions vary, but people are already familiar with the process. If they have a shelter in their home, they go there, or if they are in a public area, there are public shelters available. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of everyone,” she explained.

Consul Ben-Haim praised India’s support to Israel during these challenging times of Hamas attacks and acknowledged that many Indian families in Israel have chosen to remain, demonstrating their trust in the nation’s security measures.

“We have been in contact with some of our Indian friends living in Israel. Many have made the decision to stay, demonstrating their trust in Israel, our security, and our system. They recognize that we will take care of them, just as we care for all residents of Israel. This decision is a powerful show of support,” she added.

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