Neeraj Beniwal and Charu Ghai achieve astounding success as content creators on YouTube

20 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Neeraj Beniwal and Charu Ghai have imprinted their names amongst the most celebrated couples and content creators in India. They have taken social media, especially YouTube, by a storm.

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people the most, the rise of social media platforms and the digital space as a whole has been something that has garnered the most headlines, especially after the pandemic, which has compelled people, brands and businesses to optimise these mediums to reach their audiences and keep growing in their respective fields. However, some people have been a part of this industry much before all of this happened and, over time, have created their unique niche. Neeraj Beniwal and his wife, Charu Ghai, stand as the best examples of the same.

Who is Neeraj Beniwal and Charu Ghai? Well, they are a creative and talented husband-wife duo and content creators on YouTube, who have been consistent and innovative enough on the platform to gain the audiences they have earned today. With their conviction in the comedy content, they create each time and the confidence with which they make their content only radiates their pure brilliance and passion for YouTube and their love for creating funny content that can easily tickle people’s funny bones.

“To create great content on YouTube can seem easy, but in reality, is not,” highlights Neeraj Beniwal, who has a growing list of subscribers on YouTube. He says that content creation might have become too common nowadays, but it is not something everybody and anyone can ace. Neeraj Beniwal believes that it may also sometimes test a creator’s patience if the content fails to engage with the audiences and may lower their confidence for creating something greater than that. However, it is essential to not lose hope and have faith in their talents to keep creating something that the audiences can easily relate with.

Neeraj and his wife Charu have gained so much of prominence and reach across YouTube all because they spread positive messages through their hilarious content and only aim to spread as much as happiness as they can, especially now when the world needs it more than ever. They have undoubtedly taken social media, especially YouTube, by storm and wish to create more such funny content that can give people reasons to smile.