Sunday, December 10, 2023

“Never thought my work would be appreciated by so many people”: Samar Khan, Doodle Artist

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Samar Khan is a doodle artist who has doodled his way to success. He is making heads turn with his exemplary art. He is a software engineer by profession. In an exclusive conversation, as a part of NewsX Influencer A-List, he spoke about his journey so far, his Instapage – MetroDoodle, advantages of digital space and more. 

 Commenting on taking his doodling passion as profession despite being a software engineer, he said, It’s little unusual but it’s great. I tell you why because as a kid I was always into creating stuff and experimenting with different types of media. But I never really took it seriously and never really thought that I want to become a creator. Artist back in time was not much respected and didn’t have many opportunities as such. Since I was also good at studies, I used to top in science. So I knew that I want to become an engineer or a scientist or something in a science profession but eventually things took a turn on me. So it was a fun project which turned into what it is right now. I never really thought that I would have a massive audience, my work would be appreciated by so many peoples and that happens with a time. I took that seriously and used that as an opportunity to do something that I really enjoy. So that’s been the journey so far.

 Talking about advantage of digital media for content creators and artists, he said, “Back in time, people used to struggle a lot tohave a handful of people to look at their work and see what they were doing. Now it’s so easy you just have to use a social media to reach to as many people as you can. If you are good you are definitely going to get the audience and also going to get the eyeballs and it’s so much easier now. So basically there are so many opportunities right now for anyone who wants to become an artist or who is just passionate about it to show what they are doing to the world.”

Sharing his journey, he said, ”Honestly, since I never saw doodling happening. I didn’t have any plans for it. So it was a surprise for me when this was happening. I remember when I got my first 100 followers I was so excited about telling my all friends but eventually, that record broke, and very soon I hit the 1000 mark and then within a couple of weeks I had 10000 followers on my Instagram account. I was in shock at what was happening because I also had another account of that way which I was created for posting a lot of different forms of art. So I really never saw that kind of attraction coming to that particular account but this was like booming crazily. It was totally amazing and I really thought I should use this opportunity.  

 When asked about his first reaction after getting lots of attraction on his page, he answered, “The first few artworks were not posted on Metrodoodle, it was on my personal account and it got featured by some pages that have massive followings and I just went to the comments and saw people very appreciating what I was doing. That’s what made me make more of such artwork because I knew people are really enjoying what they are seeing. I felt the need to have a separate handle to post my artwork and that’s how metro doodle came into existence.”

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