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NewsX A-List: From Finance Prodigy to Fashion Icon, Richa Mehta’s Journey as Actor, Model and Entrepreneur

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In a recent exclusive interview with NewsX A List, the multi-talented Richa Mehta, renowned actor, model, and entrepreneur, shared her remarkable journey from the world of finance to the glamorous world of fashion and entertainment. With grace and humility, Mehta discussed her career, achievements, and her impactful social initiative, “Ear to Hear.”

Finance to Fashion: A Transition of Passion

Richa Mehta embarked on her journey from finance to fashion with sheer determination and passion. She began by excelling academically, earning the title of Delhi University topper in B.Com Honours and subsequently completing an MBA in finance. After securing a position at Ernst and Young, she achieved her dream career milestone in 2017. However, her evolving dreams led her to transition into the world of fashion.

Mehta described her journey, saying, “Dreams keep evolving, and so did mine. In 2018, without any influential connections, I ventured into the fashion industry. My first assignment was with Ritu Kumar, and from there, I ventured into numerous shoots, fashion shows, and digital advertisements. Five years later, I stand here as a model, actor, and entrepreneur with over 300 awards, both nationally and internationally.”

Representing India in Nepal: A Dream Come True

Richa Mehta’s journey took an international turn when she represented India in Nepal. In June of that year, she received the opportunity to represent Indian youth and the fashion and entertainment industry in Nepal. Mehta spoke fondly of the experience, saying, “It was a dream come true. Sometimes, when you work hard, dreams do come true. I believe that wholeheartedly. I was there for four days, representing various fraternities, and it was an honour and a proud moment.”

The Most Meaningful Achievement

When asked about her most significant achievement, Mehta became emotional as she recalled an award ceremony in 2018. She received a National Award for Young Achiever and was deeply touched when her father was called on stage and honoured. She said, “That was the biggest achievement for me until today. I lost my father in 2021, and that moment will forever be cherished.”

Overcoming Hurdles with Perseverance and Positivity

Mehta’s journey has not been without its share of challenges. She emphasized her “never giving up” attitude and her ability to find alternative solutions when faced with obstacles. Mehta said, “I take one day at a time. Not all days can be mine, but I don’t give up. I start fresh every day. I also practice the mantra of ‘Ignorance,’ which helps me maintain my mental well-being.”

“Ear to Hear”: A Social Initiative for Women’s Mental Health

Richa Mehta’s philanthropic endeavours are equally impressive. She founded “Ear to Hear,” a social initiative dedicated to women’s mental health and awareness. Mehta expressed her motivation, saying, “I wanted to give back to society, and I didn’t let anyone discourage me. ‘Ear to Hear’ has grown over the years, with a vision to reach women across all 28 states, offering a safe space for them to share and heal.”

Future Endeavors and Bollywood Projects

As for her future, Richa Mehta hinted at upcoming Bollywood projects and international ventures. While unable to disclose specific details, she expressed her gratitude to those who have supported her throughout her journey.

Richa Mehta’s inspiring journey from finance to fashion, her impactful social initiative, and her continued success in the world of entertainment serve as a testament to her determination, resilience, and dedication. As she continues to break barriers and achieve new milestones, the world eagerly awaits her next steps in the spotlight.

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