Next Solar Eclipse 2020 date and time: Here’s all you need to know

21 June, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

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Next Solar Eclipse 2020 date and time: Another total solar eclipse will occur on December 14, 2020. The first total solar eclipse of 2020 was seen on June 21.

Next Solar Eclipse 2020 date and time: This year’s second and the last solar eclipse, which is also commonly called Surya Grahan in India, will take place on December 14 this year. The moon will come between the earth and the sun once again, obscuring the sun partly or completely. This eclipse will be visible from Argentina and Chile. And if the weather allows, some regions of South west Africa, South America, and Antarctica might also get a view of a partial solar eclipse.

An eclipse starts at one location and ends at another, the timings for the same on December 14 are mentioned here:

– Partial eclipse begins at first location: 14 Dec, 07.03 p.m.
– Full eclipse begins at first location: 14 Dec, 08.02 p.m.
– Maximum Eclipse: 14 Dec, 09.43 p.m.
– Full eclipse ends at last location: 14 Dec, 11.24 p.m.
– Partial eclipse ends at last location: 15 Dec, 12.23 a.m.

The moon will cast umbra, it’s the darkest shadow on the earth, and will cover the entire disk of the sun. The sun will be fairly large, with an apparent diameter of 0.542° that makes it 1.6% larger, while the Moon will be 4.6% larger than average, thus covering the sun completely and a total eclipse will be seen.

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The eclipse will start from east of Marquesas islands and will pass north of Easter Island and south of Juan Fernandez islands before reaching South America. Although this eclipse will not be visible from India, several live streams of the eclipse will be done.

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