Nirmala Sitharaman mocks Rahul Gandhi outreach to migrants, calls it dramebaazi

17 May, 2020 | Priyanka Sharma

Nirmala Sitharaman National

FM Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday called Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's meeting with migrants a dramebaazi. She asked why doesn't Congress ask the states where they hold power to organise more trains.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday equated the interaction of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with migrant workers on Saturday, with ‘dramebaazi’, and urged the prime opposition party in the country to behave more responsibly in its statements and dealings during these tough times.

“The states in which there are Congress governments should be asking for more trains, to send migrants back to their homes. They should coordinate with their alliance partners and ask for more trains, rather than wasting their time by talking to them when they are walking on foot. Why does the Congress party not speak to its states where they hold power and where their allies are, to ask for more trains?” Sitharaman said in reply to a question during the press conference held in the national capital.

“It would have been better if he (Rahul) had walked with them while carrying their children, luggage. The Congress party terms us ‘dramebaaz’ every day, what happened yesterday? Was yesterday the time to sit and talk with migrants who were walking on the streets? Is it not ‘dramebaazi’?” she added.

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Rahul on Saturday interacted with migrant workers who were walking near Sukhdev Vihar flyover in New Delhi to return to their home states. The Finance Minister further urged Congress president Sonia Gandhi to deal with more responsibility in matters connected with the migrant workers.

“We are taking the steps in cooperation with states, then why this? I fold my hands in front of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and request her to speak and deal in matters related to migrants more responsibly,” Sitharaman said.

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