No bigger certificate than the public’s faith and confidence in their leaders: Arvind Kejriwal

23 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

Arvind Kejriwal National

Arvind Kejriwal dedicated the office to the public and said that the real certificate will be the people’s trust and confidence in their leaders and asked them to give feedback on the office’s func...

AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal on Friday inaugurated the country’s first ISO 9001 certified AAP MLA office in the Timarpur constituency helmed by MLA Dilip Pandey. Shri Kejriwal dedicated the office to the public and said that the real certificate will be the people’s trust and confidence in their leaders and asked them to give feedback on the office’s functioning. He informed the public that the office will follow a system that will solve the grievances of the public while making sure they are at convenience.

AAP National Convenor and CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal dedicated the office to the public and said, “This is not just MLA Dilip Pandey’s office, this is your own office. Whenever you face a difficulty, you can go and get it solved here. Even if you don’t have a difficulty or a problem, you are always welcome to have a cup of tea and talk.”

“A new dimension of politics for serving the people inspired by Shri Arvind Kejriwal was certified today through this ISO 9001:2015 certification. As we all know the biggest certificate is that given by the people. We always solicit your guidance and will continue to work to gain the cerification of your trust,” MLA Dilip Pandey said via a tweet.

“The entire system made under MLA Dilip Pandey’s guidance is commendable. You don’t have to run from pillar to post. Be it a grievance related to the Jal Board, or ration or PWD or any other grievance, here you will find a person allotted for each kind of grievance who will help you work it out. Earlier, we’d find that people at such offices would not be aware as to what they were dealing with. Here you will find that everything is streamlined. The streamlined process is the speciality of this office, how a grievance will be dealt with, who it will be assigned to, everything has a system in order for it,” the AAP National Convenor added in appreciation of the quality management system in place at the office.

Only about a million corporations in the world enjoy such a certification. Department-wise standard operating procedures were set in place, clear responsibilities were assigned and parallelly, an escalation matrix was set up at the ward, mandal and Vidhan Sabha level.
The MLA office prepared a quality manual, conducted risk assessment and thereby attained the certificate for three years. Through grievance management software and a brand new app, manual intervention will be replaced by technology and people will receive updates on SMS and Whatsapp.

“The office has been certified after complying with rigorous international quality standards by the International Organisation for Standardisation. The system they crafted in this office is of international standard. There is no other MLA office in the country to be certified at the highest level of standards, this is the first office in the country to get certified,” Shri Kejriwal further said.

The AAP National Convenor further asked the people to give their feedback upon the new system implemented in the office,“there is no bigger certificate than that of people’s trust and confidence in their leaders. The office is now ISO certified, the next step is to gain the people’s certificate. The office is open for you to come, have a look, get your grievances solved and then tell us whether this system works. When you will tell us that this is a good system then only will we accept it to be actually certified. If this system works well, we will implement it in all MLA offices in Delhi.”

The CM also took to Twitter to make the announcement and tweeted, “Joined the inauguration ceremony of MLA Dilip Pandey’s new office. This office will be the first ISO certified MLA-office in the country where a systematic approach will be adopted to solve their problems according to the convenience of the public. Congratulations to Dilip ji and all his colleagues.”

Replying to the media’s questions on whether schools will be reopened, Shri Kejriwal said “ideally, we will not open the schools until everyone is vaccinated. However, seeing that other states are also reopening schools we will review how it goes for them and accordingly plan out. We have been receiving a lot of messages from the parents regarding the safety of the children and want to assure that the safety of the children will be our priority.”

Upon the status of the vaccination drive, the CM said “there are not enough vaccines being supplied. The centre needs to rethink its system of supplying vaccines so it can provide the states with more stocks.”