No in-person rallies, says Trump after defiance on masks as Covid cases rise in US

19 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

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In consideration of an growing number of Covid-19 outbreaks around the country, US President Donald Trump said Saturday that the city hall will replace his large-scale political rallies with telepo...

In view of a surging number of Covid-19 infections across the states, US President Donald Trump on Saturday said telephonic town hall will be replacing his large in-person campaign rallies until the “Covid-19 problem” is solved, CNN reported.

Speaking to his supporters in Wisconsin during what was described as his first “Tele-Rally,” the President said, “I wanted to be with you, and this is really replacing our rallies that we all love so much, we had great rallies in Wisconsin and all over the country, and unfortunately until this gets solved, and we’re doing really well with the therapeutics and vaccines, but until that gets solved it’s going to be tough to have those big massive rallies, so I’m doing telephonic rallies, and we’ll call them the Trump Rallies, but we’ll do it by telephone and we have a lot of people on the line and I appreciate it.”

The 22-minutes telephone rally marked a major backpedaling for the President who last month plowed ahead with his controversial rally in Tulsa, despite pleas from health experts and local officials to call it off.

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The decision to go ahead was costly, with a top local health official admitting the rally ‘more than likely’ triggered a surge in new cases of the deadly virus across Oklahoma.

The President, meanwhile, also used the opportunity to hit out once again at China over its handling of the outbreak, referring to his popular name for COVID-19 as the “China virus” and blasting the country, stating that they “could have stopped it”.

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