Don’t you feel disgusted when people behave so judgmental? But to an extent we all act that way. Isn’t it? Well, if you do not agree here, you can consider the recent Jasleen Kaur and Saravjeet Singh case that has yet another time highlighted how our society gets biased towards one gender only by hearing one side of the story.
Not all men are rapists or eve teasers, and not all women are accusers and we really ought to understand this without generalizing every incident. 
This video by TheAAWProductions has highlighted how our perspective towards things and people change on the basis of situations that are thrown by life upon us. 
Check this out….

Let’s take a pledge that we would not make mistakes in life only on the basis of presumptions. You are free to think whatever you want to but being judgmental and to make a vision out of something that ‘might’ have or have not happened is simply not acceptable. Isn’t it?

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