The heart of each and every citizen of a country fills with joy and pride while singing the National Anthem of his or her country.

The melody of the anthem, its words inspire us to give our nation the best we could in every possible way.

Every child is taught his or her country’s National Anthem from the time they step into the school.

Well this is the 21st century we are living in and our technologies are getting smarter, and interestingly, it seems, the animals are too.

If you though being a chicken was a bad thing, then think again.

Don’t believe us? This is for you then.

The video of a chicken playing the National Anthem of America is GOING viral on social media and people are going bonkers over it.

In the video, which has apparently crossed over five hundred thousand views, the chicken is seen playing the National Anthem of America in a rather synchronized manner.

The video is proving a massive crowd puller on YouTube.

Though the key lights help the chicken but still, no doubt that this is no ordinary chicken!

Catch the amazing video below.