A very unusual incident took place at the Paraparaumu town in the North Island of New Zealand on Wednesday, April 18. A 13-year-old girl stole a car in the middle of the night along to take a pleasure ride with seven other children. According to reports in a leading news agency, the incident came to light after the police in Paraparaumu got a call from a woman who complained that her car was missing from her house. She alleged that her Suzuki Swift car was stolen from her home and she suspects three of her family members and one of their friends behind the incident.

Soon after the complaint, police spotted the stolen car on the road and tried to stop it. However, the children didn’t stop the car and instead increased its speed to flee from the place. Investigating officer Nathan Dickey said “Police turned around to stop the vehicle, however, the driver increased its speed and turned down a side street,” and further said that, “The vehicle then pulled over to the side of the road.” According to the police, there were in total nine children between the age of 10-16 years old. While two were sitting on the front side of the car, the seven others were shockingly crammed in the backseat of the hatchback.

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Moreover, the police said that the children belonged to different families and their parents had no idea of the whereabouts. They only came to know after the police took them to their respective homes in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, the Wellington District Police was quoted saying,”Police were disappointed by the poor decisions of not only the driver of this stolen vehicle but all occupants for putting their lives and other road users at risk in an extremely dangerous situation.” However, this is not the first time such kind of incident happened. Earlier, there was a similar incident, where a 12-year-old drove 1,300 kilometres across Australia before the police caught him and ended his city tour.

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