New Delhi: We have seen people celebrating the birthdays of their pets. We have also seen dog lovers buying expensive stuff for their darlings. But hardly have we come across anyone who has turned down a marriage proposal for the love of a pet.

Karishma Walia, who works with Deloitte India in Gurgaon, actually turned down an arranged marriage after the suitor showed disinterest in her dog.

The girl was recently in talks for getting into an arranged marriage but the guy had a problem with her dog. He did not want it to become a part of their life.

“I don’t want a dog to come in between my love life and not share the same bed… that’s for sure,” he said, according to a WhatsApp conversation between the pair. “And my mom doesn’t like dogs in general.”

The suitor also suggested that her love for her pet might be a temporary ‘phase’, to which she replied:

“Having a dog is definitely not a temporary phase. I can’t abandon my dog for anyone.”

She said she could not “abandon her dog for anyone”, to which the man replied:  “I am sorry to say this. But please marry the dog in that case.”

Karishma Walia is originally from Bengaluru and her Facebook profile is a testimony of her love for dogs.

Her profile bio reads, “For my dog, I am the only one. And that’s all that matters.”

Talking to BuzzFeed, Walai said that her mother thought the guy was a perfect match for her because he was good looking and well-off.

“There was a lot of family pressure, and they still think I did the wrong thing by raising the concern about my dog,” she said.

“I have been talking to him for over a week now. I spoke to him couple of times more, and he pissed me off with the way he was enforcing his decisions on me,” Walia told BuzzFeed.

The screenshot of Walia’s chat with the suitor has gone viral on the social media and people are lauding her for her brave decision.


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