New Delhi: ‘Bizarre’ is the word that fits for the following story. ‘Botox’ and ‘implants’ are few of the terms that we are pretty familiar with but explosion of implants?

In a bizarre incident, a 27-year-old girl from Boston, USA landed herself in coma after her butt implants exploded while she was exercising at gym.

This outlandish incident took place at a local gym of Boston when Serena Beuford was doing squats and her implants (artificial butt) exploded and she collapsed. It was found that Serena in order to get instant fame decided to get butt implants for herself. But in her eagerness ended up going to an ‘unlicensed’ cosmetic surgeon.

The onlookers at the gym added that her sister was filming an Instagram video and hoped her sister would get famous for her massive 64-inch butt.

As intriguing as this story may sound, it turns out that this was entirely made up!

Jaws dropped? Yes this was a hoax!



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The model’s Instagram page was hacked and since then she posted tons of videos and photos proving she is alive and well.

Speaking on the matter, Board of Certified plastic surgeon Douglas Steinbrech said, “Implants don’t pop. They stay in position. It’s not like a balloon. If she had a balloon filled with some kind of saline, even if it popped, the fluid still stays there and then it takes hours for the fluid to reabsorb. It’s not like you’d have that immediate deflation.”

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