New Delhi: This is about a ‘love story’ which almost ended but it seems that has again started on social media after an old Rs 10 note surfaced on the internet earlier this year with the message — Sonam Gupta bewafa hai (Sonam Gupta is unfaithful). It seems that the note has started a new trail where people are taking this story to a new level. 

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After the note went viral on social media, people from across the world are writing on different currency notes and saying ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’. But now a twist in the story has come where Sonam herself posted an image of a Rs 10 note eventually replying to the allegation saying, “Mei nahi bewafa, mei nahi bewafa; tumhari aur sirf tumhari, Sonam Gupta (I am not unfaithful, I am not unfaithful, Yours and only yours, Sonam Gupta).

Check Sonam’s ‘replies’ in pictures below:

She further said, “Chodkar tum gaye aur naam mera lagate ho, only yours, Sonam Gupta” (It was you who left me and you are taking my name).

Now, what will happen next, whether the person who blamed Sonam for being unfaithful will reply and will they finally unite? Well, that completly depends on them, but it would be exciting to see this ‘love story’ proceeding further. 

But these are not the only reactions, as random people took the story to another level of humour and fun. Check this out!

This is a picture posted by some random user, making fun of the person who first uploaded the picture of Rs 10 note while showing off the new Rs 2000 currency note.

Here’s another reaction from a random user on Twitter: