New Delhi: Shutterbugs around the globe spend their lifetime trying to capture a picture perfect shot. A shot that will win their prized click a second look. 
But, at times when this beautiful world is paired with the magic of a powerful camera it gives us the pictures of a lifetime for free!
Browsing through the internet we gathered few pictures which have been rated the most confusing pics of all time. Just don’t forget to grab a bucket of popcorn before you burst into tears laughing.
1: Now if you guys thought that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was the biggest investigative agency, THINK AGAIN!
2: Here is a tip for all the guys who have been envying the sexy legs of their girlfriends.
3: Who said PM Modi had followers within India only
4: That’s how guys and girls should behave on the field
5: Don’t worry nature is here for your support.
6: Now this is a dream friendship. Totally inseparable!
7: Okay, we don’t want to comment on this!