New Delhi: Found in 1995 on Mt Ampato in Peru, ‘Juanita’ was a human sacrifice left to die 500 years ago and is considered the best mummy recovered in the history of Mankind.
She was nicknamed ‘La doncella’ which means ‘The maiden’.
Reports suggest that she was killed due to brain haemorrhage. 
The body was covered with clothing and accessories and was so well preserved that the food which she ate before sacrifice was inside her stomach, still under digestion process.
Here are some unknown facts about Juanita, an Incan girl sitting on the edge of her abyss.
1) From testing the samples of her hair, skin and blood, determined the type of diet she was on before her death revealing that the young victim was drugged with coca leaves and alcohol.
2) A year before the offering, children were fattened and were given diets which were those of the elite, consisting of maize and animal proteins.
3) The Incan priest would take the chosen ones to high mountain tops.  As the expedition was extremely prolonged, coca leaves were fed to them to aid in breathing just to allow them to reach the burial site alive.
4) While being taken to the burial site, the children were given some intoxicating drinks to curtail the pain and fear and then they were either strangulated or killed by a blow to their head. Sometimes they were even left unconscious in the extreme cold to die of exposure.
5) It is believed that ‘The maiden’ has been preserved in Catholic University’s Museum of Andean Sanctuaries, Peru.

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