New Delhi: How many times has it happened that you sit quietly in your room but your flatmate is busy having some hot and wild sex with their partner in other room? Often?
However, if you fancy the idea of an encounter in open or the idea of a bit of kink here and a bit of BDSM there, here’s how you can have sex that your partner is gonna label ‘HOT’, this article here will surely help you to how to please the person you are banging. 
Suit down, sit up and do it
Sitting up while having sex can enhance the pleasure. Imagine—both of you having your hands and arms free warm, sweaty torsos pressed together, while the act is pretty much on.
Ride it rough
Biting your partner’s shoulder, licking his/her earlobe or neck in the midst of sex can bring you both back in the moment. And that moment can heat up the passion. Be careful of where you nip, though.
Guess what
A little unpredictability during sex can make the experience severely intense. Tease him to get teased. You slip a little; go halfway and then just out of the blue, thrust deep.
Show it off
Not really! You might have your reservations. But for once, when you are sure, you can try this secret exhibitionism with closed windows or a terrace really high up.
Blow hot air
Women love this! This experience can tingle your partner head to toe. You are feeling that throbbing pleasure down there. And just then you feel like you are going to explode into ripples of orgasm because your partner is exhaling hot air on your shoulders, neck or nipples. 
Get down on your feet!
Woman-on-top gets interesting. It is time to squat over him. Your feet are not just supporting your movements but also allowing you to bounce higher, which means, he can go deeper in you.
Here is a beginner’s guide to all the first timers who are going to score tonight:
– Tickle him while giving an oral. Slip your finger inside your mouth!
– Kiss his neck and most sensitive spot. Yes the one you are thinking about girls.
– Make him your prisoner. Pin him down while you are up.
– Women, use those new bedsheets you have saved for someday special.

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