New Delhi: Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami, who is currently recovering from a knee injury, on Monday hit back at the internet abuse he took by ending the episode for good with his generosity.

The fast bowler in reply said that not everyone can achieve such success and he is blessed to have his wife and children. The cricketer added that he is also aware of what he is supposed to do and what not, and everyone should introspect on how we are as humans only.

Earlier, Shami was bashed by religious fanatics for posting a picture with his wife wearing a sleeveless dress. On December 23, the Indian fast bowler posted a photo on his official Facebook page with wife Hasin Jahan.

In the photo, Shami’s wife is seen wearing a sleeveless gown which was apparently enough for the religious fanatics to burst the comment section by lambasting him for ”forgetting his religion” and further attacking him over her wife’s attire on the internet.

Mohd Kaif, former Indian batsman, quickly came to Shami’s defense by calling out the comments ”really really shameful” and further supported the bowler and his family.

There was a multitude of other Facebook and twitter users who slammed the shocking criticism and offensive comments.



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