New Delhi: The striking of midnight at momentous occasions usually entails for celebration and congratulation. But for this twin girls who were born a year apart, they’ve got some explanation to do when they celebrate their birthdays in the coming years.
The internet was introduced to the striking news of twin girls being born in the US state of California in two different years. Consequently, the simple puzzle is that how can it even be possible for twins to be born in two different years?  
Apparently, a simple explanation points at the turn of the year on 31st December 2016 when a California woman gave birth to two girls in different turns of the clock. One girl, named Scarlett Annie, was born at 11:56 PM on Saturday while the other, Viriginia Rose, was born at 12 AM on Sunday. Hence, the different years. 
Although it is not an extraordinary event, it still counts as a remarkable phenomenon.