New Delhi: If you’re worried about being charged extra at the expensive joint near your place, your tensions might be alleviated if you read this story of how an Indian restaurant in the UK got the ‘tip of a lifetime’.

A generous tipper who dined with a party of five at local Indian restaurant called Indian Tree in the town of Portadown in Northern Ireland was so impressed with the food that he left behind a tip of £1000 to a check of mere £70. That would roughly translate to a tip of almost Rs 80,000.

“It is a very simple thing to express gratitude, but this has had such a big impact. We are still in shock,” the owner of the restaurant, Luna Ekush, said.

It is said that the chef Babu was personally preferred by the tipper who would usually call the restaurant asking his whereabouts.

“Whenever he (the tipper) comes home every few months and lands at the airport, he phones to see if Babu is cooking and comes here for his first meal with his wife,” said the owner.

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So the next time you decide whether to leave a tip or not, think about the taste of the food for once.

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