New Delhi: Eight out of every ten people have complained about being fat but only 2 people out of those 8 fitness hopefuls work hard enough to get glorifying results. One of India’s popular vlogger, model and also a doctoral student, Sapna Vyas Patel, has recently made headlines not because she has lost something ‘huge’ in life.
Hold on, no need to raise alarm! We are only talking about her weight loss from earlier 86 Kgs to 53 Kgs. Sapna, the trend on fitness channels, has garnered over 2 lakh views on YouTube, over 75K followers on Facebook and over 1M followers on Instagram.
Apart from donning an extremely fit figure, her elegance and her cuteness is what people just can’t get enough of.
We were able to put out some much needed motivations for you here:
Now, if these super fit pics don’t motivate you… then buddy, nothing can.

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