With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the ritual of celebrating hug day, kiss day, chocolate day and others have already begun. Propose Day, however, is the cringiest one among the fray; and we have a good reason for why we call it the cringiest day and a day you should avoid, no matter how good your reasons and urges are.

Looking to propose on Propose Day? These ten photos might just help you save it for another day.


#1 The one who got ‘mistakenly’ rejected


#2 North and South Pole here

#3 I love me too!

#4 Don’t ask. Just don’t ask.

#5 Savage Olivia.

#6 She needs to see Donald Trump.

#7 Oh, your sarcasm.

#8 Those three words will get anyone serious.

#9 These ingenious excuses should scare you

#10 Grammar-reject