We have seen women driving cars. We have also seen women riding Scooties and bicycles. But, women on bikes are a rare sight! But this Jamia Milia student is proving everybody wrong.

Hailing from Ghaziabad, Roshni Misbah makes heads turn when she moves on an orange-red-and-black Honda CBR Repsol.

Misbah, who is pursuing MA degree from Jamia Milia Islamia, is known as the ‘Hijabi biker’ on her campus as she is always seen wearing a hijab. But the biker says she has never had a problem with it.

“Hijab is a part of my life, part of my culture and it is my choice to wear it. It has nothing to do with my bike riding,” Misbah said.

“People have tagged me as a Hijabi rider. I never said I am a Hijabi rider,” she added.

The 22-year-old Misbah is no ordinary rider. She has been riding since she was in class 9 and her biggest support comes from her family and friends.

Misbah told ScoopWhoop that she has always got a positive response from people.

“Whenever I hit the roads, I see women, children, girls, smiling at me. They start screaming and I actually feel like I am an inspiration for them,” the Hijab clad woman said.

The Hijabi biker Misbah, who is a part of many biker groups often, goes for cause rides. She says she is doing her bit to break the stereotypes and she hopes to inspire more and more women to follow their dreams.