We are not new to moral policing; in fact, the ‘craft’ is so old that it seems to be a norm since time immemorial now. Unfortunately, this is also a similar story, but with a twist.

The incident happened in Kerala on Tuesday, when a jolted couple facing moral policing, not by the extremist’s groups but police, turned the situation upside down. They went rogue, not literally!

Vishnu and Arathy, on Tuesday, were at a public park in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, when the police accused them of “vulgar” activities.


Not ready to take the flak from the police, Vishnu went live on Facebook. Broadcasting everything live, he asked the cops to prove of any “vulgar” activity that they were doing. The cops can be heard saying they saw the couple kissing in the park.

“You cannot harass us because we have our arm on each other’s shoulder,”  says Vishnu in the video.

The incident triggered a massive outrage and garnered huge support for the couple. The video so far has been viewed for more than 124,000 times in the last 21 hours.

The cops took the couple to the police station, where they were fined Rs 200 for indulging in  “public nuisance”.