Dancers performing at functions to keep the crowd entertained is something which has been followed for ages, but a dance performance at a post-funeral gathering…? BIZARRE… right?

Well, since the arrival of social media platforms, such bizarre stories keep coming up from time to time. One such video that has gone viral is of a girl seen performing at a funeral.

The video which was uploaded on Facebook has already garnered over 913K views and over 9025 shares.

Going by the video, it can be seen that it was post-funeral gathering of an elderly couple which was turned into an entertainment show with the dance performance.

Here is the video if you don’t trust us:

Now if you think you have had enough and are urging God to turn you blind, WAIT as we have something more bizarre than this.

According to a report published by a leading daily, on January 3, 2017 in Taiwan, around 50 strippers were featured in Tung Hsiang’s funeral who was the 14th Minister of the Veterans Affairs Commission of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China. The Taiwanese ‘Electric Festooned Cars (EFC) industry’ arranges for such rituals.

As per the ritual, the dancers accompany the dead during the last rites and in procession to the graveyard.

The ritual which was once popular in China was pulled down after the Chinese government in 2015 issued a statement announcing plans to bring an end to the ritual.