It’s not so uncommon for your name to be associated with someone who is a dead/living legend of what they do. However, when your name is synonymous with genocide and dictatorship, it becomes a huge problem. An Indian engineer named Saddam Hussain cannot find a job and he seems to finally know why.

Hussain, a native of Jharkhand, has been refused a job more than 40 times, purportedly because of his name. Although he has gone to court to change his name to Sajid, the proceedings are slow and changes in the market are fast.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Hussain says employers have only one reason not to hire him: they’re afraid of him. Saddam Hussein, the dictator, has been slandered in the media so much that it is unlikely for anyone to forget that name.

Hussain graduated from Tamil Nadu’s Noorul Islam University and lives in Jamshedpur.

Until the day that Hussain is able to prove with his new name the merits he has earned over the years, life will be one potential employer after another.