An African village lives in terror of a baboon whose sexual orientation is a big cause of concern for the men in the village. The big male baboon allegedly likes to grope and hump human males.

In the past week, this particular baboon has attacked more than six men. The baboon pins down passersby who do not resist the ferocious animal.

One victim of the baboon, said, ““I thought it wanted to kill me, but realised it was after my bum.”

Five men from the village were admitted to the hospital yesterday after they said that they were experiencing acute anal pain. The baboon, known as Somizi, usually travels alone.

“The baboon might be an outcast, and chased away from its troop. That is why it is travelling alone; but as to the reason it’s attacking only males, it beats me. I have never seen that behaviour in my 20 years in this field,” Sundiatapost quoted Lizzie McKenzie as saying.

Kids in the village are wearing preventive dresses until the gay baboon has been taken care of.

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