In a bizarre ‘experiment’ in art, a French artist, Abraham Poincheval, has made the headlines after he hatched one of the 10 eggs he had been sitting on for over 3-weeks now. Poincheval had got entombed in a glass structure since March 29 in a modern art museum in the Palais de Tokyo.

As per reports, Poincheval was seen checking the status of eggs in every few minutes through a Live Feed being put out on YouTube.

Even though one of the first eggs hatched earlier this week, Poincheval has to be in the glass case till the hatching of other 9 eggs is done.

Commenting on the matter, museum’s spokesperson said that Poincheval slept while sitting on eggs.

He said, “It’s been really tough for him. It’s been a lot harder than being shut inside the rock.”

Even though Poincheval is no stranger to such extreme stunts, one of the biggest task remained for him was to face the heat inside that glass room as the temperature of 37 degree Celcius has to be maintained throughout in order to maintain the hatching of eggs.

Father-of-two, Abraham Poincheval, 44 is no stranger to such extreme stunts as once he spent a fortnight inside a bear carcass eating worms and insects and navigated the Rhone River inside a giant corked bottle.

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