A halt in an ongoing tennis match or in fact any sport is something which is very uncommon. In a bizarre story from Florida, an ongoing outdoor professional tennis match faced a brief halt after some loud sex noises were heard. 

19-year-old professional tennis player, Frances Tiafoe was about to serve to his opponent, Mitchell Krueger in the Sarasota Open when he took a little pause and looked to the crowd with a confusing smile on his face. This happened after moaning sound of a woman was heard across the court.

Earlier, people thought that the sounds were from a pornographic video played by someone, but later, the sounds were found to be coming out from an apartment nearby.

Distracted by the sound, Krueger got irritated and even lobbed a ball in the direction from where the sounds were coming. In the crowd, a woman was seen asking her son to plug his ears.

After a brief gap, when the moaning started again, Tiafoe was heard screaming, “It can’t be that good,” invoking laughter from the crowd.

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