We all live in an era where everyone wants to look their best and in order to achieve that we are ready to follow any fitness regime and in fact are even ready to go under the knife just to get that perfect look. In such an attempt, a popular model, Kristyna Martelli also known as a ‘Blow-up Doll’ — because of her extremely voluptuous figure — died while she was undergoing a plastic surgery for 100th time.

The stunning model who hailed from Québec in eastern Canada, had gone under the knife several times since a tender age of 17.

We know that you people must be thinking that why anyone would go under the knife for so many times… Right…?

Well Kristyna Martelli loves enhancing her body.

We are not saying this, she said that herself.

Kristyna said that she loves enhancing her body through plastic surgeries and further described it as her passion and a hobby. She said, “The reason of all my surgeries is simply because I wanted to bring my body looks to another level and I regret nothing about any of them.”

As per reports, the gorgeous model died while she was undergoing another plastic surgery. The model suffered a seizure and died of a heart attack while doctors performed a butt implant surgery.

In her lifetime, Kristyna Martelli underwent nose jobs, face fillers, as well as numerous breast and buttock enhancements.

It’s her craze of looking perfect which helped the model to earn a name in the industry and get more than 641K followers on Instagram.


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