Weddings are traditional as there are lot of textbook customs that brides have to perform but some brides are not cut out only for the customs and like to go the extra mile to make their big day bigger and better.

Here’s one bride who has taken social media by storm! Amisha Bhardwaj became an internet sensation when she uploaded a video capturing her wedding day celebrations from getting bridal make-up in a robe to ready for the aisle look.

But what has made this a rage across various social media platforms is the eccentric way where she grooves with her girlfriends on the tune of Sia’s blockbuster soundtrack Cheap Thrills.

She certainly has taken the wedding day parties to another level with her carefree dancing and nicely synced grooving of her friends at some palatial place.

The song’s chorus is “Baby, I don’t need no dollar bills to have fun tonight…” and Amisha’s happy feet in the lehenga is surely one to watch.

Watch the full video here: