In another hardship arising from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led Uttar Pradesh government, a village in Allahabad, has been reported to be suffering from acute water shortage and lack of electricity since Independence. Following the lack of availability of basic necessities, the potential grooms of the village have found themselves struggling to find a bride.

In a story being carried by Hindustan Times, a village by the name of Shri Tara Majra, situated about 33 km in south of Allahabad, has been tagged as a village full of bachelor men as the absence of water and electricity are turning women away as they are not ready to face after-marriage hardships.

The matter has risen to such an extent that not only the men of Shri Tara Majra village but the men from other villages — Pratapgarh, Kaushambi and Chitrakoot — of the surrounding areas are also facing hard-luck in getting brides.

As per reports by a leading daily, at least 50 bachelors aged between 18 and 29 years are hunting for brides.

The village with a decent population of around 1K has only one hand pump which was installed by the villagers themselves in 2002. This pump is the only source of water for the locals.

The lack of basic necessities in the villages has also forced many locals to migrate to other villages.

While speaking to a leading daily, a local from the village said that his son’s marriage was fixed, but after the bride and her mother got to know about the hardships of the village, they called off the marriage.

The villager also claimed that it was not only his son but at least 50 more men whose marriages have been called-off following the lack of electricity and water shortage in their village.

The suffering village of Allahabad, falls under the administration of the assembly segment of BJP MLA Ajay Kumar. It also comes under the Lok Sabha segment of BJP MP SC Gupta. In their ordeals villagers claimed that all their pleas to the authorities have been snubbed away, as no development could be seen in the village.

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