When it comes to public discretion, Melania Trump wings it without any concerns about how her action will be perceived by the media. From her nudging the United States President Donald Trump in the arm to the cringe-worthy smile of despair at Trump’s presidential ceremony, Melania holds more disdain for her husband than many would believe.

At the Ben Gurion International Airport, Trump and wife and Melania were received by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara. When walking the red carpet laid out in front of them, Trump reached out for Melania’s hand. However, the viral element occurred when Melania flicked off her husband’s wrist and refused to hold his hand.

The video has gone viral on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where users have devoutly expressed how Melania truly hates her husband.

The White House has refused to issue any comment on the matter. It is also being said that the formal ceremony required the representatives to follow the protocol, which may involve not holding hands in public.

Watch the viral video here: